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electronic music

Pushing creative boundaries, expressing the emotive soul, confronting ones own limitations, riding the envelope of technology, seeking the creative channel, re-inventing one's self at every opportunity, following one's heart, never loosing hope, always dreaming, always alive, expression, connecting...
life is music
Sebastian Chedal

Live (surround) visuals


ArcTone with live MIDI synced surround 5.1 VJ performances and music videos.

[Video MPEG4: Sample]
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Chill psy-ambient meets IDM-electro in a warm little bubble. Conch perform fully improvised musical performances with live keyboards and composition. Conch is a collaboration between 'Walter the Well' and 'ArcTone'. Conch will be playing live at several festivals this year and is working on a debut album.


Spatialization of sound, image and light

Surreal surround

ArcTone is currently executing creative performances with "Surreal Projects" utilizing self-made software and music material to drive 3d positioned / synchronized surround: sound, video and light systems.

[Link: Surreal projects]



Always open to collaborations, exchanging ideas, or even just a friendly chat.

I have worked on a wide variety of projects for music, theatre, dance, film, television, internet and photography as composer, video editor, illustrator, web designer, sound designer, producer, project manager and programmer... among other things.

[Contact: SpamWall at ArcTone dot com]