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ArcTone - Water Wisps


Bubbly melodies meet sweet floating pixies in this downtempo trance-ambient groove.

Track from the new Album ArcTone: Pulse

[Play: Water Wisps]

stArc - Homeless


Live improvised recording. Mangsta on drums and ArcTone on laptop and keyboards. Tributed to the homeless people among us.

[Play: Homeless]

Conch - Splush


Music in the bubble.

Conch is Walter from The Well and ArcTone together as duo project.

Please see for more information.

[Play: Splush]

ArcTone - Live recordings


Live recordings for your pleasure:

[Play: Sydney 2006 #1]
[Play: Sydney 2006 #2]

More music?


You can hear more music in the Albums and Live sections of this web site... or by coming to hear me play! =)

If you want to hear really new things, as they are made, I also send new or unreleased material to members of my Mailing List

[Contact: SpamWall at ArcTone dot com]